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At Adcock Transport, we are renowned leaders in car hauling and specialized freight services across the United States. Founded in 1993, our dedication to outstanding customer service, the use of high-quality equipment, and ensuring on-time deliveries have cemented our status as a premier transportation provider. We prioritize building strong relationships with our drivers, valuing them as crucial team members, and fostering an environment of open communication and support. This approach is mirrored in our interactions with clients, aiming for lasting partnerships founded on reliability and mutual respect.

Our Fleet: The Backbone of Our Operations

Our fleet is the cornerstone of our operations, comprising over 60 state-of-the-art car carriers and supported by an extensive network of more than 4,000 carriers. This formidable combination allows us to meet a broad spectrum of transportation needs efficiently and effectively.

  • Modern and Diverse: Equipped with the latest technology and safety features, our versatile fleet ensures superior performance and adherence to the highest safety standards.
  • Skilled Team: Our drivers, experienced and thoroughly trained, embody professionalism and dedication, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of every shipment.
  • Sustainability Commitment: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable practices and fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Operating 24/7 nationwide, we offer flexible and reliable transportation solutions, catering to various industry needs with a customer-first approach.
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Adcock Transport has experienced significant growth year after year, continuously expanding our team of drivers and office personnel to enhance client relations. In recent years, we have more than doubled our OEM new car moves, proudly transporting vehicles for leading manufacturers such as Audi, FCA, GM, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen, Ford, and Hyundai/Kia on a monthly basis.

Our strong partnerships with numerous auto auctions have solidified our presence from the Northeast across the east coast to the Midwest. The expansion into independent auction houses nationwide represents a promising avenue for future growth. Furthermore, our origins in used car sales have allowed us to maintain long-standing relationships with clients, some of whom have been with us since our inception nearly three decades ago. We continue to offer dependable daily transportation services for used cars, including dealer-to-auction, dealer-to-dealer, and seasonal routes for snowbirds, particularly to Florida.


Adcock Transport is more than just a provider of transportation services; we are a team committed to excellence. By leveraging advanced technologies and maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction, we lead the way in automotive transportation. Our continued growth and the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability.

As we look to the future, Adcock Transport remains dedicated to expanding our services, fostering strong relationships, and continuing to provide unparalleled logistics solutions to our valued clients.

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