Auto Transport Services

Adcock Transport maintains a fleet of 60+ company owned trucks with year over year plans for growth.

New & Used Auto Shipping

Broker / Logistics

Freight & Specialized Transportation

Interstate Transport
Our extensive fleet travels across all 48 contiguous states, offering reliable auto and freight transportation services.
Fleet ReMarketing & Secure Transport
Efficient movement of used cars and secure transport for sensitive loads, ensuring safety and compliance on every journey.
Auto Manufacturers & Defense Support
Collaborations with top OEM auto manufacturers and dedicated support for defense logistics, ensuring timely and secure delivery of critical materials.
Value-Driven Solutions
We ensure our clients receive exceptional value through our comprehensive transportation and freight services, tailored to meet diverse needs.
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At Adcock Transport, we're committed to a seamless end-to-end solution for our transportation partners. By developing and utilizing the latest logistic technologies, we ensure transparency and efficiency in all our deliveries, whether it's auto transport or specialized freight.
Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We exceed expectations daily, working closely with our partners to ensure every transportation need is met with excellence.
Using advanced technology, we guarantee direct and effective communication throughout the transportation process, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.
Our skilled team is equipped to handle transportation routes across the nation, offering both auto transport and specialized freight services that meet our clients' diverse needs.
As your logistics partner, we're dedicated to providing exceptional value, helping you optimize your transportation workflow and reduce costs.


Our dedicated team is available around the clock to support your transportation and logistics needs, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for every shipment.



Comprehensive Broker and Fleet Services

Adcock Transport is your go-to for both automotive logistics and specialized freight needs. From simple order management to digitally monitored pickups and deliveries, our aim is to improve your ROI by creating efficient, transparent, and on-time delivery solutions.

Simple Order Management

Email / Text / Fax

We provide multiple options for customers to submit orders for pickup/delivery.

Digitally Monitored

Digitally monitor pickup/drop-offs

We provide real-time updates on pickups and deliveries to ensure efficient, transparent, and on-time delivery.

Improved ROI

Partnering turns to profit.

Creating a logistics partnership with Adcock Transport enables your company to save costs in the transportation workflow from personnel time to cost per unit for transport.

Our team
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Outsource your logistics issues to us today!

Let our team of logistics professionals manage your transportation needs. With over 30 years of experience, we ensure your orders are processed and delivered seamlessly, utilizing our national carrier network to provide stress-free logistics solutions.

Trust our Experience

With a diverse fleet of open auto haulers and specialized freight vehicles, Adcock Transport is fully equipped to handle all your transportation needs, ensuring secure, reliable, and timely deliveries. Fully licensed and insured, we offer competitive rates and extensive services to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world.

Our operations have expanded from Manheim, Pennsylvania to have hub service lanes in the following areas of the county.

  • Markham, Illinois
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Philadelphia, PA, with a western US administrative office in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to flatbed and enclosed freight services, we provide auto transport services from Manheim auction houses, private dealerships, manufacturer auto transports, and personal vehicle transport.

Our rates are very competitive, and we are FULLY Licensed and INSURED. We maintain coverage of $500,000 for open car carriers.

MC-269343, DOT # 540755

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